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tv   [untitled]    February 5, 2012 10:18am-10:48am PST

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reliability of the system. as i said, we will be doing it in conjunction with other construction projects, the biggest of which we have going is the church and boat project. a quick update on that, our next closure is not this coming weekend, but next weekend, january 27. we will be closing westbound market at church street, church street at market in both directions, with parking restrictions. we have all kinds of muni service, additional and enhanced, all around there to get folks around the construction of the j, f, and 22. this is just another of the plan sequences for the project, which is by and large moving along
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budget and schedule. a critical junction for us. basically, nothing new to report. things are going as planned and the next shutdown is in two weeks. the only other thing i wanted to report on is the centennial. mr. chair, you had asked about this at the last meeting. a brief update. we have a communication plan for the event in terms of putting the word out about the çcentennial and orchestrating these events throughout the year. everyone, i hope, knows that it is december 28 of 2012, marking the 100th anniversary of the public transit system that is publicly -- the first publicly owned public transit system in the country. we are happy to be celebrating that. we are coordinating a kickoff event. the plan for the actual day of the anniversary is december 28.
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we have one year's worth the celebration to tout our great muni system. we are coordinating with the mayor's office to kick off the event. we will establish an honorary committee to bring in folks from the outside to help to shepherd this event. we are dovetailing with other efforts, like the port of san francisco 100th -- sorry, 150th anniversary in april. we are partnering with the market street railway, primarily among others, two-stage trolly festivals in neighborhoods throughout san francisco and the fall, and through the holiday season of 2012. we will have display units that featured the video vintaged photo archives. we have tremendous archives of old photographs in the system
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that our communications folks have been working diligently to archive and annotate. we will be putting those up in libraries, schools, government buildings, retail locations, and community events. we will photograph and document the great history, the rich history of muni. we have a kind of employee advisement aspect of the celebration. it is the employees today and for the past 100 years that have made me work. we have had -- we will have special editions of the employee news late -- newsletter. we will have a brown bag lunches and other communications with employees. muni was known as the people's railway. they were the first line of people to make the railway work.
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we will be doing customer appreciation events, having sponsorships and joint promotions in terms of documentaries, newspaper inserts, customer appreciation days, really working with -- particularly the tourism industry and others, which you and i rely on in terms of the services that muni provide. we will have a comprehensive, wed to 0.0 media presence in terms of social -- web 2.0 media presence in terms of social communication that better allow us to reach the people of the bay area. all of us lovers of the many system, ways that were not available to us 100 years ago. as we are developing a more specific schedule of the events, we will bring those to the board for your review. but it is something that we are
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very excited about. it is not every day that began to celebrate our 100th birthday. we have a great appreciation for our muni system. >> thank you. i look forward to continuing the progress reports. any way that the board can be helpful, i am sure that we are looking forward to it. it is many of these folks in the audience that make me any possible every single day. members of public, any comments on the border directors report? >> i have not seen any comments. item number eight, the citizens advisory council report, but i do not see mr. murphy. item number nine, public comment, allowing members of the public to address the board on items that are not on today's agenda. we have a number of people who have expressed interest. [reads names]
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if anyone else would like to discuss, please turn in a speaker cards at this time. >> i would ask you to adapt freely the term reasonable accommodation. this problem of clipper card tagging and the stats that you get are distorted and biased, because it is all bus tagging cards. but at the front, there is often in error. i had to do it six times today. this month is the last month for paper passes. in february, 800 to 1000 people who are seniors or people with disabilities will have to rely on this. people standing near the front are vulnerable or fragile because they are afraid of being a tic -- getting a ticket, but they are afraid of falling because the boss may jostle or move. there it -- bus will jostle or
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move. that is where the crowding happens. i am asking considering two things. that there be communing -- community education starting in march. if someone seems like a senior, someone with gray hair and a disability, tell them. they may not be aware. beyond that, there needs to be something done. if i get a ticket in february or march, because this did not register, i am risking my safety. something needs to be said to a hearing officer's, that they become aware. until klipper is more reliable, if i choose my safety over getting a ticket is a cause i should not have to bear. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please? >> jon kyl?
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>> good afternoon. i am here to speak against the installation of parking meters in my neighborhood, as per the 17th consultant parking management plan. i live on the 3200 block of 18th street, between fall some and charlotte. -- full some -- folsome and charlotte. parking has always been a bit of a challenge, but it is not impossible. it all works out and we can coexist. this plan will lot ease the situation for the residents at all and it will place a greater burden on us through meter rates and finds that will come from the inevitable for getting to feed the meters. this plan does not create any additional parking spaces. but it will increase competition for those parking spaces. the initial plan calls for a low
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rate meters, 25 cents per hour, with no time limit and are payable in advance. this will then buy computer usage into the neighborhood. as it is also noted, this neighborhood is richly served by transit. so, this plan will only make it worse, residents. provisions for the residents are inadequate. we should remember that there are people that work there that are also residents of the neighborhood. on some blocks, there are no provisions for residents at all. there are 10 stages on my side of the block in the plan calls for residential parking permits, if requested, but there is nothing to stop anyone from parking at those spaces. i would like to say that those 10 spaces served 16 different units, many of which with roommate situations rather than traditional families. the input outreach on developing
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this plan was adequate. i did not learn about it until late in november. >> thank you. >> herbert weiner? followed by in the peer -- andy. >> i am a former member of rescue you need. there is a problem with the one california bus. sometimes you have to wait a very long time for the bus, then three of them will show up. this has been going on for some months. last night, as of yesterday, i had to wait for a very long time, suddenly there were buses following each other. i wish that something could be done to look into this. this was not a problem before, but it has been going on for about six months.
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i would like to see that addressed. also, two other things. you know, i really want to see the accessibility of the seniors and disabled to bosses -- buses. it is creating a hardship. an internal communication in the mta referred to this hardship as a challenge. but you are treating the seniors and elderly as though this was sealed boot camp training -- seal boot camp training. this is not the olympic games. this is accessibility to public transportation. i do not think that it is fair to people. second -- the third thing is that i would like to see a situation where bikers do not crash the red light and in the -- endanger people in the
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intersection. it is -- the model should be shared the intersection. -- share the intersection. thank you. >> next speaker, please? >> i made an error. the last person is mr. caldwell. >> good afternoon. >> good afternoon. i do not like to be up here by myself. [laughter] >> welcome, everyone. we are glad to hear it -- you're here today. >> congratulations, vice chair. this will change everything. [laughter] director lee, oka, okreiskin,
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ramos, my name is claire, a retired muni operator and former secretary and treasurer. cooin here with my colleagues, e of whom are retired and are no longer employed by muni, but we were all new drivers in 1984. -- mimi -- muni drivers in 1984. remember this, as i give you this summary. we were all muni drivers in 1984. all of us have been aggrieved by the actions of the trust fund trustees. a joint board made up of mta officials and of local 258
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officials. their actions resulted in a group of workers being singled out and left out. therefore, we were each denied a monetary payment of $1,880. it was paid out last december 23, 2011. there was a total of 155 operators who received $1,880 each. they were actively working as transit operators in 1984. some of whom were still working in december of 2011. and some who retired in 2009 through a 2011. this group also received $1,880. this $1,880 that was received by
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some operators was the result of a 1984 cost of living adjustment that was placed into the trust fund, and has earned interest for the past 28 years. that totals approximately $292,000. as i stated in my opening comments, we were all muni drivers in 1984. this is the key to our agreements. where are our checks? we want our money, too. we are not looking for a handout. we all worked hard for this money. it was in the 250 a mou. why were we left out? i was told by a trusty that it was logistically impossible to locate those still in the property. we do not agree. most of us are retired drivers
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receiving city benefits. therefore, the city has our contact information. notice to these retired operators should be sent by certified mail. the truth is that no such efforts were attended by these trusties. no one even tried to get in contact with us. we know that there is still money in the trust fund. use this money to pay out our $1,880 each, which is fair and equitable. if you think we are too old and senile to understand that we have been bamboozled, this is our first step in trying to right this wrong. we hope that it can be resolved at this level. if not, we are prepared to the gate and file appropriate
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criminal charges. are there any questions? >> thank you very much. >> thank you for your time. >> members of the board, any questions or comments? we cannot take action on the calendar today, but we definitely appreciate your showing up here today and we appreciate your testimony. we will be considering this in the weeks and months ahead. >> do not take too long. i understand that those trust fund benefits expire in april. >> thank you very much. you are most welcome to stay for the rest of the meeting, if you like. not so much? >> that is the last person that has turned in a speaker cards. moving on, on the consent calendar -- >> looks like we have a speaker. >> on public comment? matters not on the agenda? ok. let's ok.
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>> do i need to fill out a card? >> just go ahead and state your name. >> go ahead. >> i will let them leave. >> thank you. >> go ahead. >> ok. hello, my name is -- >> hang on just a second. ladies and gentlemen, the meeting will be continuing. just take a moment here. we will not charge this against you. >> if anyone else would like to speak, they should come to the front of the room with a speaker card. [room noise]
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>> i guess we are ok now. thank you. welcome. >> thank you for allowing me to speak. my name is hannah. i lived in an artist community of long standing at mayor oppose that and alabama. as you can guess, i am speaking to the parking meter issue. it is a very serious concern to many of us too, have, for a long time, lived and worked in that area. the feeling is that the plan came to us at the end of november and i did not have a clue that it was actually going on until i got back to town in early january. the matter was supposed to be decided in the first week of february. i believe that there has not been enough time to consider the
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mixed use quality of this neighborhood. it is very mixed use. it is not a commercial area or a transit hub. those of us with cars, there are 35 people in my building. currently in the plan there is no parking meters scheduled for the front of my building, but everywhere else around. the impact on those spaces that we all use as artists, many of us daily. myself, i need a car because i personally load in and out every day a full load of circuits equipment. i teach at five elementary schools. you probably know that as our providers, we are now paid a big salary. so, i have to use my car daily. if i have to pay half of the day for me during, it feels to me like a regressive tax.
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it is where i live and work. i want to say that we need more time to consider the matter, please. thank you. >> caroline? >> i am also here to talk about the proposed parking plan. we received little to no outreach. most of us found out a few days before christmas through posters and fliers put out by a community organization. we did not get anything until the first week of january. there were two different maps posted above the neighborhood in the plan. so far i am in san francisco and i own two different retail clothing stores. i've worked solely out of developing environments on alabama street. i deliver stuff to different neighborhoods. probably about three trips per
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week. this program is right, where it is applicable. in this neighborhood, it is not applicable. it is a mixed use area. it will cause a lot of businesses to leave. the city has been working. they were like -- please, do not undo the work we have been doing. this is a straight up thing. we have to leave because our employees will not have a place to park. we had a community meeting and i ask everyone if they really needed a car. come on. we walked year. yes, we do. i might come to the meeting next weekend i will try to do it on your knee. you will see me sweating, carrying bags and boxes. it is just not doable. so far in two years there were
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167 surveys gathered from the parking lot by summer interns. my background is as a master of arts and physical therapy sciences. this is not statistically significant data collection. the conclusions that are drawn from it are not appropriate. the plan derived is not appropriate. in less than one week we have 250 signatures of mine. we want to help. give us more time. >> anywhere else on that one? any other speakers, please? under public comment? >> read -- [reads names] >> good afternoon. my name is lea. i begin my public comment and a story. i know you have heard a few
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times, as i have spoken in public comment, so i will not go into that too much. i would like to remind you of the families and young people who have spoken throughout the city, in public comment and on the steps of this building. the families that right muni every single day. i stand here representing the thousands of youth throughout the city, who have many needs, access to public transportation being one of them. in fact, in the face of all of these fiscal cuts affecting the many aspects of youth life, providing clean muni for all youth in san francisco will greatly and positively affect the lives of youth in our city. i urge each member of this board to vote in support of the movement coming on february 27.
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we will be playing seven public comments of the young people that were not able to be here today, for school and other reasons. thank you. >> glad you are here. >> good afternoon. in the coordinator of the youth development administration at the san francisco you the administration --. i am here to play the comments for the members. >> ok.
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>> it is a medium player. >> can you may be summarized what they said deborah >> sorry about that. basically we had public comments for two of the commissioners -- said? >> sorry about that. basically, we had public comments for two of the commissioners. they very much wanted to a talent -- wanted to attend. >> at 4:30 p.m.? >> yes. >> do you have a calendar put together yet for the seventh? >> not yet, but the supervisor handles those requests and i told him that we would accommodate where possible. >> members, let's schedule this
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to begin no later than 4:30. is that how that works? thank you. our director recently received a great deal of communication about this parking area. can you tell us where we are? can we talk about that? am or is that just asking about -- >> you are welcome to ask a question, but there cannot be discussion beyond questions that receive clarification. >> there was a proposal put out quite some time ago last year. there was quite a bit of community outreach through dozens of community group meetings. individual telephone in e-mail response is done by staff. the plan was thereby revised. a revised plan was subjected to an mta hearing this past friday.
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here in city hall. the outcome of that hearing resulted in the recommendation that i would bring in its form, or revised form, to the mta board on the seventh. that process has happened. i think that there are more community meetings scheduled between now and the seventh. our current plan is to bring to the board a proposal low some sort of the seventh, to advance the parking proposals. >> the people who are writing, they are where? -- they are aware? >> of the dates? >> yes, do they know that this is when it is going to happen? >> i think so. quite a few do, that i have spoken with. >> any other public comment?
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>ok. >> directors, you are moving on to your consent calendar. i might note that 10.1 is $46,000, rather than $75,000. with that, you have only two items on the consent calendar agenda. >> motion to approve? >> second. >> so ordered. >> directors, you are on to the regular agenda. regarding item number 11, the people's plan, they are asking that the item not be heard before 2:00. mr. chairman, if you would like to move item 12 and 13, because they would like to hear item number 11 at 2:00 as the presenter is are engaged in another meeting at the moment. without objection? item 12. >> ok.


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